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Famous athletes & celebrities who support Arsenal

Colin Firth

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In a weekly edition of My Peccadillo, Mark Strong talks about Arsenal – and the time he and Colin Firth lost it in the director’s box.

Strong said:

“I work with famous actors but I never get star struck. The people I get tongue tied with are Arsenal players. I’ve met Ian Wright socially now a few times and that just blows my mind.

“After I was in a film about Arsenal – Fever Pitch with Colin Firth – we met David Dein [former Arsenal vice-chairman].

“He said: “Listen, if you guys ever need anything let me know.”

“It looked like we might do the double so Colin and I cheekily asked if we could get tickets for the Everton game at Highbury, which could win us the league. They said yes. But the seats are in the director’s box so you’ve got to wear a jacket and tie and not leap around or make a nuisance.

“We sat politely until Tony Adams scored the winner with his left foot. We went mental but so did everyone else so it was fine.

“After the presentation on the pitch we walked to the player’s window. Ian Wright was chucking kit out of it. Colin and I were jumping up and down singing “Let’s go fucking mental” when I felt a tap on my shoulder. There was a little guy with glasses who said: “You were marvellous in The Iceman Cometh.”

“I was in Arsenal mode, not Eugene O’Neill mode. People couldn’t believe Colin and I were leaping around. Fever Pitch had just come out and there we were singing along when we’d just done the double. Great times.”